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Organ NY DBxK5Q1NY | Round Shank | Large Eye | Ball Point | Commercial Embroidery Needle | Tapered Blade - Extra Strength | 100/bx

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Size: 70/10

With a continuous tapered blade this needle reduces deflection and skipped stitches.

The tapered blade of NY Needles provide extra thread and resist pressure from all directions. A thinner size NY needle can perform with the strength of a thicker size needle without excessive needle breakage, fabric damage or needle holes.

  • Organ DBx5Q1NY - Commercial Embroidery Needle
  • Tapered Blade - Extra Strength
  • Commercial Round Shank
  • DBxK5Q1-NY - Tapered Blade
  • Light Ball Point
  • 100 Needles Per Box

Organ Brand Round Shank Commercial Needles -100 Needles/Box
DBxK5 Q1NY Light Ball Point (10 Packages of 10 Needles)

Recommended Needles For The Following‚ 4 Needle Embroidery Machines: Janome MB4, MB7 - Melco EP4 - eXpressive 940 (Elan 9900)

DBxK5Q1-NY: This embroidery machine needle has a round shank, long extended groove, longer deeper scarf, tapered blade and a slim extra light ball point.‚ The DBxK5Q1 needle is a modified form of the DBx1 needle. It has an oversize eye (approximately 25% larger), a long extended groove, a longer deeper scarf and a slim point (NY taper). The long extended groove provides more protection to the top thread. The longer deeper scarf allows the hook point to be adjusted closer to the center of the thread loop allowing for variations in registration from one needle position to the next. The slim NY taper point reduces penetration resistance for smoother piercing of the material.