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EB Embroider Buddy: Parker Pug Buddy

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EB Embroider Buddy - 41096 16" Parker Pug Buddy Embroider directly on front and back of Dog Two removable stuffing‚ pouches for easy embroidery. Fits under your home machine head much easier.

"EB" The Embroider Buddies‚ EB is a‚ plush‚ animal that you can directly embroider directly on it's belly and/or back. It's as easy as unzipping and removing the stuffing pouch, hooping and embroidering, and re-stuffing. ‚ Parker Pug with his wrinkly short muzzled face and curled tail is one irresistible puppy . Parker flat pile belly will make any design easy to embroider. Self-contained stuffing pods for the head and belly are removable through a hidden zipper on the bottom of the dog making hooping and embroidery‚ easy on any embroidery machine. Embroidery- friendly , low pile plush fabric. Exceeds all applicable U.S. Canadian, Australian and European safety standards. Stuffing comes in self contained pouch, making it easy to remove and re-stuff.