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Fil-Tec Glisten Metallic Embroidery Thread 730 yds - Color 60958 Jungle

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Beautiful appearance as matching color of core yarn and metallic film. Glisten has a specialized finish applied to its surface in order to make it extra soft. Our soft finish reduces thread breaks which reduces downtime. Less kinks than competitive metallic threads.

• Used for commercial embroidery, domestic sewing machines, and silk weaving.
• Constructed with Rayon core yarn covered w/ metallic film.
• 150 denier/2 ply
• Sews well up to 850 rpm.  Much higher than most Metallic threads!
• Rayon core yarn and Aluminum or pure Silver film. 

Tips for Embroidering with Glisten Metallic Thread
• Make sure that the design you’re going to use has been punched with metallic thread.  This will likely reduce thread breaks.
• Do not use Glisten for small lettering.
• Reduce and keep tensions loose.
• Use needles with a large eye in order for the thread to pass through the needle eye easily.  Sizes such as 65/9, 70/10, and 75/11 are generally recommended.
• Use new needles when possible.
• Use soft and pliable backings. Metallic threads typically have a difficult time getting through hard or stiff backings.
• Burrs or rough spots on the needle will result in more thread breaks.
• Slow the machine speed down when embroidering with Glisten.

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