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Organ Embroidery Flat Shank Needle Sampler Assortment Kit For Home Machines

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Organ Embroidery Needle Starter Kit For Home Embroidery Machines
200 Needle Assortment of Flat Shank Needles

Each kit contains:
15x1 Regular Point #9/65, 10/70, 11/75, 12/80, 14/90, 16/100, 18/110
15x1 Ball Point #9/65, 10/70, 11/75, 12/80, 14/90, 16/100
15x1 PD, Regular Point Perfect Durability #11/75
15x1 BP PD, Ball Point Perfect Durability #11/75
15x1 ST, Large Eye Regular Point #11/75, 14/90
15x1 ST BP, Large Eye Ball Point #11/75
15x1 SP, Elastic Regular Point #11/75, 14/90

When a problem job appears, you can have the correct embroidery needle on hand. This needle kit contains 20 packs (10 needles per pack) of different flat shank home embroidery machine needles. The extensive assortment of embroidery needles comes in a compact plastic storage box with important information about the different embroidery machine needles.