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HAx130EBBR Needles For Brother PR BabyLock Professional 6 10 Needle Machines

SKU HAX130EBBR-09/65

Organ Flat Shank Embroidery Needles  - 100 Needles/Box
HAx130EBBR - Flat Shank Light Ball Point (10 Packages of 10 Needles)

Brother PR Series of 6 & 10 Needle Machines (PR600, PR600II, PR600C, PR620, PR620II, PR650, PR650E, PR655, PR1000, PR1000E. etc.. )
Baby Lock Professional 6 & 10 Needle Embroidery Machines (EMP6, BMP8, BMP9, ENT10, BNT10L, BND9, BND9-2, etc )

HAx130EBBR: These needles were developed for use in the Brother/Baby Lock Professional 6 & 10 needle embroidery machines. Although they are flat shank needles, they are built to industrial standards with a reinforced blade, oversize eye and a light ball point.  Both Brother and Babylock recommend using these needles to insure that your embroidery machine works correctly.