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Madeira Polyneon 40 | Machine Embroidery Thread | 440 Yards | 9845-1945 | Sienna

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Sienna - 1945

Polyneon, the machine embroidery thread made of 100% polyester by Madeira, boasts exceptional qualities that ensure high-quality embroidery results. The thread is crafted from a specially engineered raw material that effectively prevents looping, puckering, and thread breaks during the stitching process. This makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of embroidered applications.

Thanks to its unique formula, Polyneon thread is remarkably durable and smooth running.

Its vibrant colors have a glossy, shiny appearance that can withstand exposure to chlorine bleach, which makes it an ideal choice for embroidering on uniforms, safety garments, and commercial linens.

  • 160 solid colors to choose from
  • Length is 440 yds (400 meters) per spool
  • All-purpose polyester machine embroidery thread for all designs
  • Recommended for frequently washed textiles such as sports, and workwear or outdoor clothing
  • High tensile strength, resistant to chlorine, brilliant colors
  • Recommended needle: embroidery needle #75/11 - #80/12

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