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Nifty Notions Mini Travel Steam Iron

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Nifty Notions Mini Steam Iron is a small steam iron ideal for many crafts, sewing and quilting projects such as applying appliques and pressing bias tape. Heats quickly to selected temperature: 140°F-428°F

  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for home, craft, dorm and travel
  • Non-stick sole plate
  • Perfect for applique, bias tape, quilting and sewing projects
  • Includes measuring cup & instructions
  • Heats quickly, dual voltage

It is a small, easy to hold travel steam iron (measures only 6" long x 4" wide!). Great for travel, classes or small projects where space is limited. It comes with a beaker to fill the water reservoir. The iron operates on both 120V (US) and 240V (abroad) without a converter. Be sure the voltage selector dial is in the correct position before operating. Use a small flat head screwdriver to move the switch to the desired position.

How do you use the Mighty Steam Iron? 

Follow all instructions and safety precautions printed on the package before using.

  1. Flip back the water reservoir cover.
  2. Using the beaker, carefully pour water into the tank. Check the water level windows to make sure water has reached maximum level. Do not overfill. (NOTE: If your water has more than a 2-degree of hardness, use distilled water.)
  3. Replace the reservoir cover.
  4. Stand iron upright on ironing surface.
  5. Make sure temperature is at 0 and the steam knob is in the down position.
  6. Connect iron to power source. Indicator light will come on when temperature is heating up to desired setting, and will go out when temperature is reached.

To Use: Steam knob should be in “UP" position to engage steam and in the “DOWN" position to iron without steam. Always rest iron in upright position when not in use. To Store: Iron should be cool with an empty reservoir to store. Wrap cord around neck of iron and secure in clip.