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ProStitch 200 Performance Shirt Cut Away Embroidery Backing Precut Sheets - Black - 125 Count

SKU PS200B48-125

ProStitch™ 2 oz Cut Away Backing For Performance Moisture Wicking Shirts - 125 Count

ProStitch™ 200 (PolyPro) performance embroidery backing is a 2oz cutaway stabilizer designed to reduce puckering when embroidering stretchy microfiber performance shirts (Under Armour, Dri-Fit, etc ..).  ProStitch™ is sheer & stable to minimize embroidery stabilizer show-through. Ideal for microfiber moisture wicking performance shirts. May be used with a light weight tear away backing, like the RipStitch™ #15, for extra stability

Embroidery on stretchy fabrics can look distorted, puckered, or have borders off when embroidered on specialty microfiber performance shirts. ProStitch™ polypro performance stabilizer embroidery backing enables embroidery on stretchy garments to embroider correctly keeping your design flat without puckering. ProStitch™ embroidery backing is perfect for high stitch count detailed designs on Lycra spandex, and moisture wicking clothing. This product is 100% polyester and may melt when exposed directly to heat.

*Please note you can purchase this item in quantities of 125 counts