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Ultra-Duster™ Canned Air - 10oz

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Ultra-Duster™ Spray packs a powerful "air punch" to blast away dust, dirt and debris from the smallest of places. The extension straw allows you in the small recessed crevasses of your most delicate electronics and machinery. Keep your equipment clean and in good working order with Ultra-Duster™ canned air.

Blasts away dust and dirt
Great for computers, electronics, embroidery/sewing machines, and 
general machinery
Clean, dry & odorless

Directions for Use: Remove tab on top of nozzle and connect extension straw. Do Not shake can. Hold can upright when using. Spray surfaces to be cleaned in short bursts from around 3 inches to blow away dirt dust and debris. If sprayed sideways, upside down, or shaken when used, a liquefied gas will come out. This can cause frostbite burns. If sprayed for an extended period of time container will become very cold and pressure will weaken. Spray in short bursts and wear gloves to insulate cans.