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Top 5 Money Saving Embroidery Machine Supplies for 2022

Top 5 Money Saving Embroidery Machine Supplies for 2022

What are the most popular machine embroidery supplies in 2022?

With costs rising, embroidery tools that save you money have become more popular than ever this year. Here are some of the best and most important embroidery supplies for your machine you can buy in 2022 to save cash and become more efficient. These valuable tools will help you get through your most challenging embroidery job with ease. Great for beginners and pros alike, you will find the following items to be handy additions to your sewing room or shop and help you save money.

  1. Thread Tension Gauges return to our list in 2022. These are great for removing the guessing and imprecise methods of setting thread tensions. We sell tension to measure both bobbin case and upper tensions. These must have tools will provide precise measurements resulting in consistency in your embroidery. Top thread tension gauges work with all embroidery and quilting machines. Bobbin case gauges work only with machines that have removable bobbin cases.

  2. Stitch Eraser Tools are perfect for removing embroidery mistakes without damaging fabric. With rising costs everywhere, it's now more important than ever to be able to remove embroidery mistakes and re-stitch a garment. Stitch erasers have specific specialized blades to cut though threads and to remove stitches from embroidery and other types of stitch patterns. The best stitch erasers have both a high and low speed and provide you with different size blades to accurately remove embroidery designs. Make sure your are prepared for mistakes before you make them and have a stitch remover in your tool kit.

  3. Madeira Thread Color Cards are the most accurate way to select threads for your designs. All the color cards we sell contain actual thread swatches to let you see the real accurate thread colors. With thread costs rising this year, color cards let you avoid the mistake of picking out the wrong colors and wasting money.

  4. Laser Alignment Tools allow you to hoop square and precisely. PAL and Vivilux lasers work with any home or commercial hoop and make straight hooping simple and easy. Placement lasers are also the perfect tool to quickly locate the center of quilt blocks, pockets, plackets, bags and more. They can also be use to illuminate your sewing path.

  5. Double Sided Tape for embroidery is used for holding stabilizer in place during hooping, preventing movement and ruining your stitch out.  Our high quality tape has a high strength acrylic adhesive for securing backing and fabric and a high instant tack allowing for multiple usages and saving you money.

If you haven't already done so, check out our recent post outlining many of the questions and answers beginner and even intermediate embroiderers have. We trust that you will find it insightful. 

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