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Machine Embroidery & Quilting Blog

  • Tools for Neat, Organized and Efficient Sewing
    July 12, 2023

    Tools for Neat, Organized and Efficient Sewing

    We all know that certain person who seems to have the perfect system for their creative materials.  They seem to have the perfect set-up, the perfect shape, sizes and number of bins, drawers and cabinets (all crisply labeled, of course)...

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  • how is embroidery thread different from sewing thread
    May 17, 2023

    How Is Embroidery Thread Different From Sewing Thread?

    Embroidery thread and sewing thread differ primarily in their texture and strength. Embroidery thread is specifically designed for decorative embellishment and is meant to create eye-catching, visually-appealing designs on garments and other fabric items like bags, blankets, and linens, or anything a needle will go through. 
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  • Best Embroidery Scissors
    February 17, 2021

    Best Embroidery Scissors

    Embroiderers should buy the best tools they can. Embroidery scissors are different because they are specialized for the job at hand and come in many sizes and types to satisfy every need! Read about curved blade, applique, and thread snips in our trusted guide for the best embroidery & sewing scissors to buy.
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  • Cut Away Stabilizers: What's The Best One To Use
    February 21, 2020

    Cut Away Stabilizers: What's The Best One To Use

    Stabilizer provides a foundation while you're embroidering and the cut away variety will provide the most stable support available. A cut away backing is a permanent embroidery stabilizer that stays in the garment after you are finished embroidering.
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  • Cheap Embroidery Supplies
    January 23, 2020

    Should I Buy Cheap Embroidery Supplies?

    Embroidery machines are expensive and many people search for the cheapest embroidery supplies on the internet that they can find. Does this make sense, is it really OK to buy cheap supplies. Are the cheap embroidery threads as good as the expensive brands? What happens to my machine if I use the lowest price embroidery stabilizer I can find?
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  • Water Soluble Embroidery Stabilizers WSS
    January 11, 2020

    What are Water Soluble Stabilizers?

    Water soluble stabilizers for machine embroidery, abbreviated as WSS, are embroidery backings that dissolve 100% in water and disappear. Water soluble backings are available in a heavy plastic like film type, and a fibrous stabilizer that resembles fabric. They both do the same thing and which one you use is personal preference. Lean all about water soluble embroidery stabilizers and their uses.
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