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Cut Away Stabilizers: What's The Best One To Use

Cut Away Stabilizers: What's The Best One To Use

Stabilizer provides a foundation while you're embroidering and the cut away variety will provide the most stable support available. A cut away backing is a permanent embroidery stabilizer that stays in the garment after you are finished embroidering. It gets its name from the fact that when you are finished, you cut away the excess backing around the design.

Cut-aways are a must for knit and other stretchy fabrics to properly stabilize this material and help prevent embroidered designs from stretching and distorting after wearing and washings.

Cut-away backings are also great on loosely woven fabrics and on quilting projects where the stabilizer will not be seen. Backings are usually available in rolls or precut sheets and are usually designated with a ounce per square yd weight. Normally, the heavier weight, the more stable the backing is.

  • AllStitch Classic & HD Cut Away Backings are unique nonwovens designed specifically for use as cutaway embroidery stabilizers. These 100% polyester cut away stabilizers have a grid core, to give them strength and a soft nonwoven fabric to help reduce skin irritation.

    They are appropriate for use on embroidery designs having high stitch counts embroidered to unstable fabric. The classic is medium weight 2.5 oz backing, and the HD is a heavy duty 3.5 oz - but due to the stabilizing grid core, these backing provide more stabilization they their weight may indicate.

  • The C-Series Cut Away Stabilizers are a high quality stabilizer manufactured with a wet laid process which products backings designed specifically for high speed machine embroidery. This premium line of high-quality, stable backings are soft to the touch, delivering a comfortable and wearable final product.

    The C-Series is available in 2 weights: C025 is a versatile soft cutaway embroidery stabilizer for use in medium to heavy stitch-count applications and C030 is for use in heavy stitch-count applications on more unstable fabrics.

  • ProStitch Performance Cut Away Backings are a 2oz cutaway stabilizer designed to reduce puckering when embroidering stretchy microfiber performance shirts (Under Armour, Dri-Fit, etc ..). ProStitch™ is sheer & stable to minimize embroidery stabilizer show-through.

    Ideal for microfiber moisture wicking performance shirts, lycra, and spandex. May be used with a light weight tear away backing, like the RipStitch™ #15, for extra stability.

  • SheerStitch Polymesh No-Show Cut Away Stabilizers are a strong, lightweight, soft, sheer, stable & translucent backing. SheerStitch is used to minimize stabilizer show-through on light colored fabrics. Just a single layer for best "no show" results.

    It is an ideal backing for lightweight knits and will keep outlines on track when hooped in with your knit fabric. Polmesh is available in 3 different colors: White, Black & Tan. The white polymesh is also available in an iron on fusible product. Perfect for sheer fabrics and may also be used with a light weight tear away, like the RipStitch™ #15 backing for extra stability. 

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Shera Tyner Guillory - August 27, 2020

Which stabilizer would you use on a Satin Pillowcases. I can’t decide

Lorna Jean - August 27, 2020

I love your article on stabilizers and would love to know if you can make them printable. Would be so nice to have it handy when check which stabilizer to use when do my projects.

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