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Machine Embroidery & Quilting Blog

  • How To Embroider a Stuffed Plush Animal or Teddy Bear
    December 21, 2019

    How To Embroider a Stuffed Plush Animal or Teddy Bear

    It's very easy to embroider on Embroidery Buddies and Cubbies stuffed plush animals with your home or commercial embroidery machine. All our stuffed animals have zippers which hide a secret compartment. Opening the zipper reveals a self contained stuffing pouch, which when removed, enables you to hoop the teddy bear and embroider directly on it. Once you learn the simple tips and trick to embroider the stuff animals, you will be stitching them out in no time. 
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  • how to embroider on leather with embroidery machine
    December 20, 2019

    How to Embroider On Leather

    Simple tips and tricks to embroider on leather. While challenging to embroider on, the correct tools, along with practice, leather embroidery can be very easy. Leather embroidery creates great looking products as well as huge profits for your business. This help tutorial covers choosing leather material, picking designs, buying needles and stabilizer for leather, and tricks for hooping to minimize hoop burn.
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  • Advice For Machine Embroidery Beginners
    December 13, 2019

    Advice For Machine Embroidery Beginners: 6 Tips

    A Guide to Beginner Machine Embroidery Did you just buy a new embroidery machine and are excited to get started embroidering some clothes but have no idea how? Being a beginner in the machine embroidery industry has it's challenges but...

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  • How to Embroider a Patch
    December 5, 2019

    How to Make Patches on Your Embroidery Machine

    Embroidered patches are simple and easy to create with your embroidery machine and can be very profitable. You can easily embroider unique and high quality patches with simple low cost supplies to increase your embroidery business profits. Embroidery Supplies Needed:...

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