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3D Puff Embroidery Is Trending, and We Have It. View the PuffyStitch Collection Here.
Tools for Neat, Organized and Efficient Sewing

Tools for Neat, Organized and Efficient Sewing

We all know that certain person who seems to have the perfect system for their creative materials.  They seem to have the perfect set-up, the perfect shape, sizes and number of bins, drawers and cabinets (all crisply labeled, of course) and they appear to relish putting things away.

thread storage box

The first question is, who are these people?  And often the second question right behind it is, how do I become one of those people?

Your sewing area may consist of a humble second-hand armoire and the corner of your dining room table; it might be a converted walk-in closet or a small spare bedroom.   You might even be fortunate enough to have a fully-dedicated sewing studio in or attached to your home.

It’s true that we can’t do much about your available square footage.  But what we can do is recommend a few items that may help you keep your threads untangled, cataloged and easily-found, offer solutions for creating temporary or permanent work stations that will increase your efficiency, and make the most of the space you do have.

Contain the Chaos

You’ve heard it said that you should spend less time looking for your things and more time doing the things..  And they’re right.  While that big, old cookie tin was fine for your grandmother’s button box, an opaque, round canister is not the kind of thing that will help you find what you’re looking for any faster.  The key to quick access to organizing your supplies is transparent, compartmented storage.

  • No More Tangles:  Whether modest or abundant, your thread collection is the medium with which you create seams, edges and designs.  So, it’s vital to keep them from being misplaced, keep them protected from harmful dust, and prevent time-consuming tangles.  Separate and organize your spools according to thread type, color or fiber content using see-through Thread Storage Boxes and Organizers.  

Common features for these spool organizers are adjustable dividers, handles for portability, and locking lids; most are medium to large-capacity.  Create palettes according to shade, or arrange specialty threads in their own cases.  The rectangular shape will make the most of your storage shelves, drawers or bins, unlike round or opaque containers which don’t allow you to view the contents and waste precious storage space.

  • A Bobbin for Every Project:   Each one of our Large Bobbin Storage Boxes has six channels made to hold bobbins of all sizes.  If you’ve got different machines for sewing and embroidery, you can designate compartments or purchase separate boxes each.  These versatile organizers will hold every size: Class 15 bobbins, Style L or Style M (jumbo) bobbins.

bobbin storage

  • For Those Who Have Everything:   You know who you are. You’ve got all the threads, in all the varieties, for all the projects, in all the colors.  If this is you, Storage Chests are the answer.  Our 60-slot single drawer or our 180-slot three drawer unit are made to hold large collections of thread.  Both units come with easy-slide drawers that can be easily labeled.  Each drawer holds a clear insert made of durable, molded plastic made to cradle each individual spool to keep them from unraveling and tangling together.  Each slot is large enough to hold a Madeira 1,100 Mini Snap Cone but will also hold smaller barrel spools just as securely.  They feature grip cushioned pads on the bottom and multiple units can be added and stacked as you require additional storage.  For those with larger thread collections, these will hold your extensive stash.
  • Square Footage Buster: If you can use the otherwise wasted space of vertical real estate, you’re saving even more shelf, cupboard, closet and drawer space.  Just one of our 60+ Thread Racks (The Arranger) will hold the contents of a 60-slot single drawer mentioned above without using up precious floor or table top space. 

thread arranger

  • The Arranger 60+ features extra-long, removable pins that will accommodate not just spools, but larger cones of embroidery or serger thread as well.  And because the pins are so long, you can even stack duplicate spools on top of each other.  Mount your most frequently used threads and spools vertically on your available wall space, and reclaim your limited shelf and cupboard storage!

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

  For many sewing enthusiasts, large areas of table top work space are hard to come by, and even worse, keep clear.  Some of the tasks that take up the widest area of your flat surfaces can be easily changed out if they’re portable and temporary.  Here are a few items that are “easy on, easy off” and can be stored under or beside your work surface when not in use.

  • Cut, then Fold   Our Fiskars Folding Cutting Mats come in medium and large size are non-slip, lie flat when open, and can be folded in half or thirds and tucked away easily when not in use.  Featuring the same self-healing properties of similar style cutting mats, our folding mats are also portable for bringing to classes and demonstrations.

    folding cutting mats
  • Fold, then Bag   When you need to fold and bag finished shirts for fulfilling customer orders, to fit in gift boxes, or for professional and consistent shop or storefront presentation, the HoopMaster Fold & Bag is a portable and adjustable folding tool that is indispensable for consistent and perfectly folded garments every single time.  Its thin profile stores away easily once the task of folding and bagging is finished.
  • Instant Hoop Station   A tabletop hooping station is designed to easily and consistently hoop all garment sizes with all hoop styles without the guesswork.  The All in 1 Hooper contains every garment hooping board you’ll need (including a sleeve board!) in one, space-saving device.  When your hooping is finished, the whole apparatus can slide under your work table or to the side on a shelf.

When space is at a premium, rethinking your storage and opting for tools that are easily stashed away when not in use will help you use your available space work more efficiently. 

You’ll spend less time clearing floor and table top space that often becomes cluttered and unavailable, you’ll spend less time searching for misplaced items, and you’ll complete tasks quickly and more efficiently.  Now’s the time to reshape your sewing space into a creative studio that’s neat, handy and full of possibilities! 

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