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DBxK5 SS Organ Commercial Embroidery Machine Needles for Leather/Vinyl

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Size: 75/11

Round Shank Commercial Needles -100 Needles/Box
DBxK5SS‚ Extra Narrow Wedge Point for Leather & Vinyl

DB-K5SS Wedge Point Leather Needles:‚ This embroidery machine‚ needle has all the eye features of the DBxK5, but the point has a very narrow wedge to make penetration through leather, vinyl and similar materials easier and neater.‚  The very narrow wedge point "slices" through the leather-like materials while making a cleanly cut needle hole. A standard "set" or "sharp" point needle punches its way through leather like materials which may make irregularly or undesirably shaped needle holes. Other available wedge point needles typically have a longer wedges then the DB-K5SS embroidery needles. That's fine for most sewing operations, but in machine embroidering, the stitches are very close together, The longer wedge point needles will actually punch out the design created by those close pattern of embroidered stitches. The extra narrow wedge point of the DB-K5SS embroidery machine needle leaves enough distance between stitches in embroidered patterns to maintain the strength of the leather like material and avoid punching out the embroidered design.