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Solvy Water Soluble Topping - 10" Roll x 110 yds

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Solvy Water Soluble Embroidery Topping
10" x 110 yds - Continuous Roll
Thickness : 20 MILS / .02 Inches

Solvy is a water soluble embroidery topper‚ for use on knits, terry cloth, fleece and other textured fabrics. Solvy creates a smooth embroidery surface to give clearer embroidery. Stitches won't sink into the fabric, giving a crisp definition and detail to your work. 

The most popular way to use Solvy is as an embroidery topper, placed or hooped on the top of the garment. Commercial embroidery machine operators love the ease of working with SOLVY topping on high speed embroidery machines. SOLVY embroidery stabilizer ensures that every single stitch turns out brilliantly - even on intricate embroidery designs or on any deep pile fabric - the result is a detailed, needle sharp look. Just place this best in class water soluble film on top of the embroidery fabric, or embroidery blank, prior to embroidering. Hoop Solvy it if you wish, but even that is optional. Solvy works by holding the stitches above the fabric during the embroidery sewout process. Once you are done with the embroidery process, simply remove the remaining larger pieces of Solvy by tearing, and smaller pieces can be easily removed by a spritz of water from a spray bottle.

To Use Solvy

  • Place SOLVY on top of framed fabric.
  • After the embroidery process is complete, tear-away the larger areas of SOLVY inside and outside of the design.
  • Dissolve SOLVY on very small areas by lightly misting the area. It will disappear and be removed from the fabric at first washing. (Note that embroidery should not be left damp or wet longer that a few minutes).
  • On larger area, mist lightly to dissolve SOLVY. After a few seconds the dissolved SOLVY solution may be removed with a dampened sponge or cloth.