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Top 5 Best Machine Embroidery Supplies of 2021

Top 5 Best Machine Embroidery Supplies of 2021

This list contains some of the best and most important embroidery supplies for your machine you can buy in  2021. These valuable tools will help you get through your most challenging embroidery job with ease. Prefect for the pros and beginners, you will find the following supplies will be important additions to your embroidery tool kit.

  1.  Stitch Eraser Tools are perfect for removing embroidery mistakes without damaging fabric. Stitch erasers have specialized blades to cut threads and are used to remove stitches from embroidery and all types of stitch patterns. New for 2021, AllStitch has introduced a brand new stitch removal tool to the sewing & embroidery market. The All-Stitch Remover is a 2 speed stitch eraser with dual blades - for both large and smaller areas. Make sure your are prepared for mistakes and have a stitch eraser in your tool kit.

  2. Jump Stitch Thread Snips are a top essential tool to add to your stash. Jump stitches are the stitches an embroidery machine makes when it finishes stitching one part of your design and moves over to start stitching another part. Jump stitches should be removed after your design is embroidered can be most easily clipped with a pair of thread snips designed for cutting jump stitches.

  3. Sewing and Embroidery Machine Lights are inexpensive ways to brighten up your work surface. The bright LED lights stick to the side of your machine and illuminate your work area, especially the surface directly under your needle where your machine is stitching. Flexible necks allow you to direct the light exactly where it's required.

  4. Fold & Bag Shirt Folder is the tool you need if you want your finished products to all look neat and uniform when you bag and sell them to customers.  Fold and Bag makes folding garments faster, provides a consistent look and allows you to quickly bag folded shirts.

  5. Thread Stands are an indispensable tool for embroiderers with single needle home embroidery or sewing machines. A thread stand sits on your sewing surface next to your machine and allows you to bypass the built in thread stand on your machine. Using a separate stand allows you to run larger more economical cones and provides a smoother path to feed thread off the cone to your machine. Threads stands are available in single or multiple cone designs.
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