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Top Must Have Best Embroidery Scissors

Top Must Have Best Embroidery Scissors

As a beginner newbie embroiderer, you may try and save money by using your normal household scissors, but that won’t work for long! To be a great embroiderer, you will need the right tools, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional. All embroiderers should buy the best scissors they can. Embroidery scissors are different, even from your craft scissors, because they are specialized for the job at hand. Embroidery scissors come in many sizes and types to satisfy every embroidery need! We consider following specialized embroidery scissors a must have addition to your sewing kit and the best ones to buy first.

  • Thread Snips are a must have next to every embroidery machine. Most thread clips are spring activated, lightweight and ambidextrous making them quick and simple to use. They are great for cutting jump stitches and enable you to cut threads quickly and in tight corners normal scissors can't reach. Having the best thread nippers will make your machine embroidery easier, minimizing time and trimming errors.

  • Curved Blade Embroidery Scissors have a straight handle with a single curve in the narrow sharp blades offering precision cutting with a comfortable position. These scissors help you trim and snip blades while holding your hand above the cutting surface providing a more nature hand position and improving accuracy.

  • Double Curved Blade Scissors have special curves in them that allow you to cut items that are still in the hoop. They have both a bend in the handle and the blades are curved. These double curves let you easily place your scissors over the hoop to cut so you don't have to unhoop what your are embroidering. They are perfect for both hand and machine embroidery.

  • Precision Embroidery Scissors have long thing sharp blades with a narrow sharp tip. They allow accurate precision trimming in tight areas with a clean cut. Sharp blades are important because they allow you to cut your thread cleanly with a single snip instead of shredding it, which keeps your work neater.

  • Applique Scissors are also also sometimes called pelican scissors due to their rounded duck bill bottom blade that pushes away the away the bottom layer of fabric for flawless, controlled cuts close the stitching. When used to trim backing or applique, it pushes away the shirt, preventing you from accidentally cutting it. The offset handle allows for a comfortable hand position above the work surface.

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